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My First Blog Post Here + PMS, Fibroids and Food

My First Blog Post Here + PMS, Fibroids and Food


Welcome to my new blog! As some of you might know, I have been blogging over at dagmarskitchen.se since 2011. When I first started Dagmar's Kitchen, it was a creative outlet for me, where I got to play with produce and ingredients + styling and photography to create recipes and food photography. And when I got more and more into "healthy" foods, the blog turned into an experimental place where I had fun with alternatives to refined sugar, healthier flour options (GF + paleo baking etc.) and, even if I've never completely cut out meat or seafood from my diet, the recipes were always plant based (although not always 100% vegetarian).

However, the past year I have felt a lack of purpose with my blog posts. Often feeling like they were "just another healthy food blog post" - like I had nothing to contribute to the health scene. I had no specific focus, goal or theme (except for the "health" theme) and I think that was what killed my creativity and sense of purpose. 

That lead me into the decision to stop blogging over there, and to start fresh here at my main website. And it feels so good to finally have made the decision! I also promised myself to lower my standards and post simpler posts with less text, not just recipes (but also beauty, fitness and other things that I like) and more often. I think this way, it'll be more fun!

This new blog will also have a whole new focus - PMS and fibroids. Nono, don't worry - it will still be for you if you like healthy and delicious food! But, what does PMS and fibroids have to do with a food blog anyway? Turns out, it has a lot to do with food.

Read on and you'll see.

Stabilizing hormones with food

For the past few years I have been struggling with PMS symptoms + heavy/painful periods. And half-heartedly been searching for information on how to minimize symptoms and find balance with food. I first started doing some research a few years ago, but work and family kept me too busy to dig deeper into it. I guess some of it was also that I simply accepted my condition, because the only information that women (including me) tend to get in this area is that "it's common when you had children* that your PMS and periods get worse". 

* My kids are 12 and 10 now.

Then my gynecologist found out earlier this year that I had a few fibroids on my ovaries causing the heavy bleeding - and I was told my only options were to get on the pill, hormone spiral and/or to have a TCRE. I thought about it for a while, did more research and decided that none of that was for me. It just didn't feel right. 

I wanted to find out if there were other ways to minimize the symptoms and feel more balanced. Then I found Alisa Vitti and Woman Code and it changed everything. Suddenly there was someone talking about the actual possibility to stabilize hormones and minimize both PMS and heavy/painful periods, and actually naturally shrink fibroids - with food and lifestyle changes

I have just started reading the book and already found out that there are many things we can do to support our own bodies in this area. I've also started using her app My Flotracker, and find it especially useful for food and workout tips - what to eat and when to best support your body, and how to plan your workouts for optimal results in your cycle.


Estrogen, food and lifestyle

During my research so far, I've also learned that fibroids are often caused by an estrogen dominance (=low progesteron levels) and, most importantly, that estrogen dominance can be stabilized by carefully choosing the food we eat, when we eat certain foods + eliminating toxins in foods, beauty products etc.

If you enjoy natural hormone balance, then estrogen and progesterone work a little like yin and yang in your body. But hormonal imbalance in women is unfortunately a very common modern world problem, and many women are getting by on the minimal amount of progesterone. And because of this, we are struggling emotionally and physically.

I'm only early into my journey of learning and will (hopefully!) feel better and more in balance with my hormones soon. And I'll be happy to take YOU with me on this journey!

The blog will be filled with healthy, vibrant and hormone balancing food (with a clear focus on PMS and fibroids), fitness, beauty tips, fun family food and more. And if you like fresh, fun, healthy and delicious food, the recipes will still be for you - even if you don't have PMS :-)

I hope you'll like it here! And please add a comment if you read this so I know who you are. Be back soon!


A Cold Cucumber Yoghurt Soup

A Cold Cucumber Yoghurt Soup